Zoey Summers || 24 || Female || FC: Anna Kendrick || OPEN

Zoey is bubbly and outgoing. Her favorite thing in life is to gossip; she wonders what everyone’s talking about weekly, she encourages drama - telling off staff, fighting - so she can “have something to talk about”. Her promiscuity is a rumor she started herself, loving the attention from the guys at Knolls Grove. Although it had some backfire - many now think she’s a whore.

Zoey is a recovering bulimic so food is a touchy subject for Zoey. She’s used to going extensive periods of time without it, whether that’s hours or days. Only recently she’s put on some weight, and that’s all thanks to her friends at Knolls Grove, who does their best to make sure she eats. But there are just some days where she won’t touch anything edible, usually because she’s just not hungry. Sometimes, it’s because of her mood.

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